Nursing Be in 10 Years

Where Will Nursing Be in 10 Years?

Nursing is the most in-demand healthcare profession in the UK. As a result, many students are thinking of joining the nursing industry. However, if you become a nurse now, you will be in the industry for the next couple of decades. That’s why you should know where nursing will be in 10 years. Knowing the future of the industry and the trends that will be prevalent in the next 10 years can help you decide if it is the right field for you. Analysing future trends can also help you prepare for any challenges you may face as a nurse. 

The Future of Nursing in the UK

Modern lifestyle is not healthy for humans, which is why there has been an increase in the number of common diseases. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for care services. Here are the trends that will be prevalent in the nursing field in the next ten years: 

Specialisation Options 

Nurses, like doctors, can specialise in different fields depending on their preferences. However, health experts predict that there will be an increase in the number of specialisation options for nurses in the future. With more specialisation options, new doors of employment will open for nurses. 

Currently, the most common nursing fields are adult nurse, children’s nurse, learning disability nurse, mental health nurse, and nurse associate. However, in the future, a lot more nurses will be providing post-surgical care to cardiac patients as well as helping with emergency cases. 

Proficiency in Technology

Technology has become an integral part of the healthcare industry and as time passes, its importance will continue to increase. As a result, the healthcare industry will require the services of nurses who are proficient in technology. Nurses will be expected to maintain electronic records as well as be familiar with telemedicine. 

New nurses can learn about digital tools that are used in medical facilities right from the start. However, older nurses will have to adapt to the changing trends in healthcare. It will be up to medical facilities to train their staff to help them stay up-to-date with the changing trends. 

Where Will Men in Nursing Be in 10 Years?

Historically, nursing as a profession has been dominated by women. Due to nursing being a job where you care for patients, society has always viewed it as something that only a woman should do. However, the trends are changing slowly as men have started joining the field of nursing. 

The trend is expected to continue in the future as more men are predicted to join the nursing field. The stereotypes surrounding nursing will also be gradually dismantled as more men join the workforce. 

Diversity & Inclusion

The UK is home to people from different ethnic backgrounds. As a result, the patients in the UK’s hospitals also belong to different ethnic groups. Many of these patients either can’t speak English at all or don’t speak it very well. As a result, medical facilities need bilingual nurses to be able to provide quality care to their patients. 

Although many hospitals are already trying to make their workforce as diverse and inclusive as possible, the trend is expected to pick up pace in the future. Due to this, more overseas nurses will be moving to the UK for work. 

Increase in Demand and Salaries

Due to an aging population, there has been an increase in the demand for care services. The trend is expected to continue in the future. As a result, the demand for nurses will also increase significantly in the next ten years. 

To attract more people to the nursing field, there will also be an increase in salaries. Currently, hospitals are failing to retain nurses and attract new employees. However, with an increase in salaries, medical facilities will be able to fight staffing shortages to some extent. 

Where Will Nursing Be in 10 Years? 

According to an analysis published by the Health Foundation’s REAL Centre in 2022, NHS will be facing a crippling shortage of both GPs and general practice nurses in the coming decade. To fight this shortage, NHS plans to hire 170,000 nurses by 2037. However, proper investment has to be made in the existing workforce to turn that plan into a reality. 

One thing is for certain there will always be a high demand for nurses. If you plan on becoming a nurse and wondering where will nursing be in ten years, you can rest assured that your future is safe. If you are a newly graduated nurse who’s looking for a job, don’t hesitate to reach out to ESGO. We can help you find a job that matches your requirements and pays you well. 

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