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How ESGO Covers All Aspects of Temporary Staffing Needs?

Staffing solutions have seen an unprecedented evolution. Recruitment is not the same as it was a few years ago. Technological advancements have helped streamline the recruitment process substantially. The biggest contributing factor, however, is the internet. With more and more people coming online to hunt jobs and talent, it’s just a matter of putting the right people in front of the right opportunity. 

Staffing in healthcare, however, isn’t as simple. Traditional recruitment systems don’t work for the healthcare system of today. Add a global workforce to the mixture and the process gets more complicated. However, with the right staffing agency like ESGO, things become easier for hospitals and care homes. This article explains how ESGO finds the best nursing professionals and connects them with healthcare institutions to help with their temporary staffing needs. 

ESGO & What it Offers?

ESGO is a global nursing recruitment agency that aims to elevate healthcare standards in the UK. ESGO offers staffing solutions that tick all the boxes for recruiters. Although permanent employees make the core teams of hospitals and care homes, temporary staff is just as important. With ESGO, hospitals and care homes in the UK can get all of their temporary staffing needs met in the best way possible. 

Here’s how ESGO stands apart from its competitors when it comes to providing temporary staffing solutions:

Rigorous Vetting

Offering the best care to patients can only become possible with the best staff. We, at ESGO, understand this, which is why we connect hospitals and care homes with the most skilled and trustworthy nursing and care staff. ESGO extensively vets each candidate and examines their work history to make sure they are the right fit for you. 

ESGO also checks the DBS status of candidates beforehand to make the recruitment process easier for you. The vetting process will save you a lot of time as you can go straight to hiring and make sure your patients are never without the care they need. 

Quick & Secure

ESGO understands the need to fill rota gaps swiftly in the healthcare system to ensure the comfort of patients. Traditional recruitment methods can cause unnecessary delays in the hiring process. However, with ESGO, you won’t have to waste your time on vetting candidates and finding the right fit for your team. 

With ESGO’s cutting-edge modern platform, you can quickly find the staff you need and securely complete the hiring process. Thanks to this straightforward process of hiring care professionals, your hospital will always remain fully staffed. 

Easy-To-Use App

With ESGO’s easy-to-use app, you can instantly alert local professionals at any time. You can also complete the process of finding and hiring care professionals while you are on the move. You can easily set the date, time, and pay rate on the app, instead of wasting your time discussing the details with the candidates. 

ESGO’s app is a prime example of how modern recruitment is decades ahead of traditional recruitment methods. With the app, hospitals and care homes can instantly connect with professionals and fulfill their staffing needs in a simple way. 

Everlasting Connections

At ESGO, we believe in developing lasting connections to improve the work quality and job satisfaction of the nursing and care staff. Hospitals and care homes can make use of ESGO’s ‘favorite worker’ feature to rehire trusted staff for future shifts. 

Even if your facility needs temporary staff, hiring the same professionals again and again can offer consistency of care. Traditional recruitment processes make it difficult for institutions to rehire the same staff. However, ESGO’s modern platform offers this feature to help you build a community of care at your facility. 

Diverse Workforce

Embracing diversity in every walk of life is the only way forward for humanity, which is why ESGO helps facilities in the UK connect with a global workforce. Thanks to ESGO, recruiting international nurses and care staff in the UK is now a possibility. 

Care facilities and hospitals welcome patients from all walks of life, so there’s no reason why the workforce shouldn’t be diverse either. However, hiring a diverse workforce can be a difficult task without proper help. But with ESGO, you won’t have to worry about finding skilled and trustworthy international nurses. 

Data Protection

One of the most important aspects of healthcare is privacy and data protection. Care facilities are wary of modern recruitment tools like websites and apps because of privacy issues. However, with ESGO’s modern app, there’s no need to worry about your data. With the greatest levels of encryption, the ESGO app will ensure that your data remains protected throughout the recruitment process, and even afterward. 

Care facilities can make use of ESGO’s services without having to worry about any data breaches. They can rest assured that they will find the best staffing solutions at ESGO without having to compromise on their data. 

Growth of Skills

As modern healthcare systems undergo changes frequently, the nursing staff must also stay up-to-date. With ESGO’s training and development initiatives, nursing staff can continue to improve their skills regularly. ESGO also enables nurses and care staff to stay updated about the modern innovations in the healthcare industry. When care facilities hire such nurses, they don’t have to worry about training them. 

ESGO ensures that the learning of the nursing staff never stops by connecting with the top educational institutions and training facilities in the UK. Even if you need temporary staffing solutions, you can count on ESGO to connect you with the most qualified professionals. 

Bottom Line

Recruiting temporary staff can get complicated if you try to go for traditional recruitment processes. But if you want a simple and straightforward hiring solution, it is best to trust ESGO. You can easily find the most skilled and qualified care professionals through ESGO. And thanks to the simple-to-use ESGO app, you will be able to quickly take care of your staffing needs in the best way possible. 

About ESGO

ESGO provides quick and efficient healthcare staffing solutions. Since its establishment, ESGO has been dedicated towards linking skilled health professionals with reputable care homes across UK, thereby, becoming a trusted partner in the country’s healthcare industry. Our commitment goes beyond placements! We want to develop careers as well as carers’ lives while ensuring that the best patient care is provided through top level staffs in care homes.

At ESGO, we understand the unique challenges faced by care homes in sourcing qualified and compassionate healthcare staff. Partner with us to access a curated pool of top-tier nurses and carers ready to make a difference in your facility.

At ESGO, we’re committed to connecting outstanding healthcare professionals with top-tier care homes and facilities across the UK. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career with flexible, rewarding opportunities, apply today and join our vibrant community of care professionals.

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