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Why Are Healthcare Assistants Important?

When it comes to the healthcare industry, we often consider nurses and doctors the only people responsible for the care of patients. However, healthcare assistants or HCAs are just as important. Healthcare assistants ensure that the patients are comfortable, all their concerns are addressed, and they have a stress-free experience at the facility.

Although for the role of an HCA, you don’t have to acquire a specific qualification, you must have experience working under the guidance of a certified nurse or medical professional. More importantly, you must have empathy, compassion, a genuine concern for patients, and an urge to put others above your own needs.

In this article, we are going to talk about the roles and duties of healthcare assistants and why they are so important in the healthcare industry. 

Who Is A Healthcare Assistant?

Healthcare assistants, HCAs, or nursing assistants are members of a healthcare team. They provide basic care to the patients. HCAs work under the supervision of licensed nurses or doctors. Certain duties and responsibilities are assigned to these assistants. Most of these duties are related to direct care of the patients, however, depending on the healthcare center, the responsibilities can be different. 

Why Are Healthcare Assistants Important?

Healthcare assistants are vital for hospitals because of the duties they perform. Even though nursing vacancies have increased in the past couple of years, they are still not enough to provide complete care for patients. Moreover, nurses and doctors are always in need of an extra hand.

But above all, healthcare assistants are essential for hospitals and healthcare centers because of the duties they perform. They are the only people who are dedicated to exclusive patient care. Without them, ensuring a safe and comfortable healing for patients is improbable. 

Below we are sharing the reasons why and how HCAs make a patient’s stay at the hospital more comforting and convenient. 

They Are The Patient’s Primary Caregivers

The most important work that healthcare assistants do, is helping patients with their basic needs. These may include bathing them, dressing them up, combing their hair, helping them turn around in the bed, and feeding them. In most cases, assistants are also responsible for monitoring vital signs, keeping track of daily medications, and sending patients’ samples to labs for testing. 

They Assist Nurses & Doctors 

Healthcare assistants help doctors and nurses with medical procedures as well. Sterilising equipment, wound care, changing the dressing, and catheterization are some of the tasks that HCAs perform. They also help with more complex medical procedures such as surgeries after gaining enough experience working under the supervision of licensed doctors. 

They Maintain Patients’Records

Another critical task that HCAs take care of, is maintaining patient records. These include daily entries, medication history, monitoring vital signs, and entering readings in a chart. Some workers also keep the files on the patients and organize them in folders. 

They Ensure Patients’ Safety, Physical & Emotional Well-being 

Elderly patients, physically or mentally challenged individuals or severely injured patients can’t be left alone. HCAs ensure the safety of such patients. Moreover, they also provide emotional assistance by making sure they are feeling comfortable and are not under any stress. Taking care of their nutrition, hydration, and medication is also part of their work. 

They’re Responsible For The Cleaning & Maintenance Of The Center

Healthcare assistants ensure a clean environment for the patients. Hygiene is extremely crucial for the health of patients, staff, and everyone at the hospital. They stay in touch with the cleaning staff, talk to the tech and maintenance people if there’s trouble with equipment, and keep track of everything. 

They Communicate With The Patients & Their Families

It’s not easy to communicate with patients when they’re at a vulnerable stage of their lives. In such instances, healthcare assistants listen to the patients, and their feelings and help them understand what’s best for their health. Talking to patients’ family members with compassion is also something that healthcare assistants can do effortlessly. 

All these reasons make HCAs an inseparable part of the healthcare system. If you’re thinking about joining a hospital as a healthcare assistant, you must possess certain skills apart from a genuine interest in patient care. The skills you’ll need to become a successful HCA, include excellent communication skills, time management, attention to detail, cultural awareness, physical and mental stamina, adaptability, patience, confidentiality, and the ability to work as a team player rather than an individual who plays by their own rules. Empathy and compassion must be the most significant aspects of your personality if you want to excel in the field of healthcare. 

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