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What is the #1 Best Healthcare Job? 

The UK is home to one of the world’s most renowned healthcare sectors. As a result, the country always has a high demand for healthcare workers. However, if you are thinking of pursuing a healthcare career in the UK, it is important to know which job is the best. You can find out which best healthcare job pays the most in the UK and which is the most in-demand healthcare professional to decide the course of your future. 

The highest-paying Healthcare Job in the UK

Before you enroll in medical or nursing school, it is important to understand that there are different kinds of healthcare jobs. If you prefer a hands-on role, you should pursue a career that requires clinical skills. However, if you prefer an office job in the healthcare sector, you can go for an administrative role. 

Administrative Role

When it comes to administrative roles, the highest-paying best healthcare job is that of a medical director. The national average salary of a medical director in the UK is £103,637 per year. Medical directors are senior doctors who work in managerial roles in hospitals and health trusts. 

Although they have their own clinical practices, their primary duty is to oversee the organisational functioning of a hospital. Medical directors represent medical personnel on the executive boards of hospitals. They also report on the clinical issues that can affect patient safety. 

Clinical Role

If you want to work in a job where your primary duties revolve around clinical skills then you can choose to become a neurosurgeon. In the UK, the highest-paying healthcare job related to clinical skills is that of a neurosurgeon where you can earn £94,434 per year. 

Neurosurgeons are specialist surgeons whose primary duties include the diagnosis and surgical treatment of nervous system disorders. This field requires a great deal of attention to detail to recognise neurological diseases and identify conditions in the nervous system that can be surgically treated. However, you can only become a neurosurgeon after years of advanced training. 

The Most In-Demand Healthcare Job

If you want to join a field where professionals are always in demand, then you should find out which sector has the most shortages. In the UK, the healthcare industry is dealing with staffing shortages. The situation turned drastic after the pandemic when many professionals decided to either quit or take a break for indefinite periods. 

Amidst the staffing shortages, nursing has become the most in-demand healthcare job in the UK. The National Health Service (NHS) has been taking steps to rectify the situation. Accepting overseas nurses into the workforce is one of the steps taken by the NHS to reduce the staff shortage. 

What Do Nurses Do?

Nurses are invaluable professionals in the healthcare industry. They provide primary care and support to the patients. They also assist doctors and other medical staff in a medical facility. Without nurses, it would be impossible for doctors to complete the diagnosis of patients. Nurses also play a vital role in the treatment of patients by handling tasks like the administration of medicine. 

Why is Nursing the Most In-Demand Healthcare Job?

Nurses play a vital role in the care and treatment of patients and without them, a medical facility will fail to function smoothly. However, due to tough working conditions and low pay, nurses often end up leaving the field and changing careers. Currently, the average yearly salary of a nurse in the UK is £35,982, which is a lot less than other healthcare professionals. Nurses leaving their jobs has caused a staff shortage. As a result, nurses have become the most in-demand healthcare professionals. 

How to Become a Nurse and Find a Good Job?

Becoming a nurse in the UK does not involve many steps. All you have to do is to get a nursing degree and then register with NMC, the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Many institutes in the UK are currently offering nursing degrees. Before you enroll in a nursing degree, do your research about different kinds of nurses so you can decide on your field of specialisation. 

Once you have completed your degree, you can start looking for a job. However, finding a good job on your own can be difficult. ESGO can help you find the best nursing jobs with flexible schedules. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ESGO if you want to find the best nursing jobs in the UK!

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