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What Does a Healthcare Worker Do?

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the healthcare sector but not sure which role to choose? Doing research into different healthcare roles can help you make the right decision for your future. It is also important to know the requirements of every role so you can pick the option that matches your preferences. If you have a passion for helping people, then the role of a healthcare worker might be the right fit for you. You will also be able to choose to work in a variety of settings as a healthcare worker. 

Who is a Healthcare Worker?

Healthcare workers are trained professionals who look after the health of patients and make up an important part of the healthcare industry. In the UK, healthcare workers are known as healthcare support workers and can work across a variety of settings including mental health and children’s services. 

The opportunities to progress for a healthcare worker are endless. While working as a healthcare worker, you can train to qualify as a nurse or a midwife. You can also decide to specialise in a particular setting. 

How to Become a Healthcare Worker? 

Although there are no entry-level requirements in the UK in order to become a healthcare worker, medical facilities expect you to have good literacy skills. The exact requirements for a job will depend on the employer. In some cases, you may be required to have GCSEs or equivalent in English and Maths. For some roles, you may also be required to have healthcare qualifications such as BTE or NVQ. 

Along with academic qualifications, some medical facilities also require healthcare workers to have some kind of experience. However, the most important requirements for the job are not academic qualifications, but a particular set of skills. Since you will be working in a hands-on environment, you must have the ability to work with a team as well as organisational skills. 

The Responsibilities of a Healthcare Worker: 

The duties of a healthcare worker in the UK can vary depending on the setting they work in. If you go for a hospital-based job, you will have be responsible for the following: 

Monitoring Patients: 

One of your primary duties as a healthcare worker will be to monitor the health of patients. You will also be tasked with conducting basic health checks including measuring blood pressure and blood glucose levels of the patients. 

Day-To-Day Care: 

You will also be responsible for helping patients with their daily activities. These duties could include helping patients move as well as washing and dressing them. In the UK, healthcare workers are also responsible for serving meals to patients. Healthcare workers also feed patients who are unable to feed themselves. 

Offering Support: 

Offering support to the patients as a healthcare worker is the most meaningful part of the job. You will be lending an ear to anxious patients to help calm their nerves. By offering support, you can also help patients feel comfortable during their stay at the hospital. 

If you work in GP surgery, your duties as a healthcare worker will be the following: 

Health-Related Duties: 

In the UK, healthcare workers are often tasked to conduct health checks, take blood samples, and log laboratory samples. Healthcare workers often assist healthcare professionals with the sterilisation of equipment. As a healthcare worker, you will also have to provide supplies and restock consulting rooms. 

Healthcare workers play a highly important role in society by educating the general public about healthy lifestyles. Acting as an educator, you will be disseminating important information on public health campaigns. Another challenge you might face as a healthcare worker will be to fight disinformation about the healthcare sector and diseases in general. 

Administrative Duties of a Healthcare Worker: 

Healthcare workers working in health centers and GP surgery are responsible for various administrative duties. Some of these include record-keeping, managing appointments, and contacting patients regarding their visits. You can transition into a full-time administrative role after gaining experience. However, if you don’t have administrative knowledge or prefer a hands-on approach, you can choose to work in a hospital instead of health centers. 

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