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What Does a Healthcare Recruitment Consultant Do?

Healthcare Recruitment Consultant Duties  

The healthcare staffing crisis in the UK is causing various problems for medical facilities. On one hand, it is reducing the quality of care for the patients, and on the other hand, it is affecting the working of healthcare facilities. To combat the staffing shortage, medical facilities are turning to healthcare recruitment consultants for help. But what exactly does a healthcare recruitment consultant do and can they really be beneficial for hospitals? 

Let’s take a look at what a healthcare recruitment consultant does: 

Posting Job Ads & Screening Candidates

Hospitals and care homes hire healthcare recruitment consultants to find qualified medical staff. As a part of their job, recruitment consultants advise medical facilities about job requirements and compensation. One of the responsibilities of healthcare recruitment consultants is to post job advertisements on behalf of their clients. Once the consultants have finalised the requirements with their clients, they create job advertisements and then share them on different forums. 

When the applications start coming in, it is up to the healthcare recruitment consultants to screen the candidates. The screening process helps them identify which candidates match the job requirements perfectly. 

Conduct Interviews & Shortlist Candidates

After the screening, recruitment consultants interview the selected candidates. During the interview process, recruitment consultants use their communication and observation skills to learn more about the candidates. The more qualified a recruitment consultant is, the easier it will be for them to identify the most qualified and skilled candidates during the interview process. 

Once the interviews are completed, recruitment consultants compile a list of shortlisted candidates. These candidates are the most qualified out of all the applicants. Healthcare recruitment consultants send over the details of shortlisted candidates to their clients so they can make the final decision. 

Help with the Hiring Process

If the client picks one of the shortlisted candidates, it is up to the recruitment consultant to help with the hiring process. Healthcare recruitment consultants help their clients with negotiating a job offer. They also offer support to the candidate during this time. In some cases, a healthcare recruitment consultant may also offer support to the candidate during the onboarding process. 

Using their experience, recruitment consultants can help both employers and employees get the most out of their partnership. It is a part of a recruitment consultant’s job to make sure neither parties get treated unfairly during the hiring process. 

The Downside of Hiring a Healthcare Recruitment Consultant

Although hiring a healthcare recruitment consultant has a few benefits, it is not always the right choice for medical facilities. Here are the downsides of hiring a healthcare recruitment consultant: 


It is important for the smooth working of hospitals and care homes that any staffing positions are filled quickly. However, your partnership with a recruitment consultant would mean a delay in the hiring process. Everything from explaining the requirements to the consultant to the screening process will take up a lot of precious time. You will also have to do a lot of back and forth with the consultant while explaining your requirements to them, causing unnecessary delays. 

No Guarantees

Although healthcare recruitment consultants will provide you with a list of shortlisted candidates, there are no guarantees that you will be able to find the right person for the job. A recruitment consultant may fail to understand your requirements properly and recommend candidates that don’t match them. If the consultant doesn’t have adequate healthcare knowledge, they may also fail to understand the difference between different types of nursing positions. Your partnership with a recruitment consultant will be fruitless if you fail to fill open positions in your medical facility after spending a lot of time. 


Qualified and experienced healthcare recruitment consultants can cost you anywhere between £30,000 and £60,000 per year. All of your money could go to waste if you fail to find the right candidates with the help of a recruitment consultant. On the other hand, if you connect with ESGO, you can save time and money and also find the most qualified healthcare professionals. You will only have to pay a one-time fee at ESGO and then you can start posting job ads on the platform. Reach out to ESGO today and fill open positions at your medical facility in no time. 

About ESGO

ESGO provides quick and efficient healthcare staffing solutions. Since its establishment, ESGO has been dedicated towards linking skilled health professionals with reputable care homes across UK, thereby, becoming a trusted partner in the country’s healthcare industry. Our commitment goes beyond placements! We want to develop careers as well as carers’ lives while ensuring that the best patient care is provided through top level staffs in care homes.

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