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Is there an age limit for nurses in the UK? 

Your calling can come at any time of your life. However, certain professions have age limits which is why you can’t join them too late in your life. If you wish to become a nurse in the UK, you will also have to find out the age limit first. The question of requirements for nurses in the UK, however, becomes relevant regardless of the field you are going to join. Knowing the requirements in advance will not only tell you whether you qualify or not but also help you prepare for the role accordingly. 

Here are the answers to age-related questions you might have about becoming a nurse in the UK: 

What is the Age Limit for Nurses in the UK?

If you are over 30 and wondering if it is the right time to sign up for a nursing course, you will be pleased to know there’s no upper age limit to start training. There is also no age limit to apply to become a nurse in the UK. As long as you have a qualifying nursing degree and experience in the field, you can apply to any hospital or care home in the UK to work as a nurse. 

There are hundreds of nurses currently working in the UK who joined the workforce after 40. There are many still who are still working even after crossing the age of 60. It is true that the aging workforce has worsened the staff shortage crisis in the UK. However, refusing to hire nurses over 30 is not something that can fix the staff shortage. In fact, the more people join the workforce, the easier it will be to combat understaffing. 

What is the Ideal Age to Enroll in a Nursing Degree?

Just like there’s no age limit for nurses who wish to join the workforce, there’s no age limit to enrolling in a nursing degree. Many students sign up for the nursing degree straight after college. Since the degree and training can take up to four years, people want to start the process as soon as people. 

However, there are also many nurses in the UK who enrolled in a nursing degree in their thirties. Many women wait for their children to get a bit older before they decide to enroll in a nursing degree. There are also those who decided to change their careers and picked nursing as their second career. Such people sign up for a nursing degree in their thirties or forties. 

As for the ideal age to enroll in a nursing degree, the answer will vary from person to person. Since nursing is a highly demanding job, some people suggest waiting to reach your mid to late twenties before starting your degree and training. You can carefully weigh your options before making a decision. But keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with starting late. 

What Age Should You Start Applying for Nursing Jobs? 

Nursing is one of the UK’s most employable types of degrees and over 90% of students get a job within six months of completing their degree. However, it is up to the person whether they want to start looking for a job straightaway or wait for some time. A significant percentage of women don’t start working as nurses straight after completing their degree for various reasons. Some get married and prefer to raise their children first and some decide to work as teachers. 

Again, it depends on the person and what suits them. It is important to understand that nursing can be a very taxing job, so make sure you are ready to take on the challenges before you start applying to medical facilities. If you want to get a close look at what it means to work as a nurse, you can apply to work as an assistant to a nurse. Although you will only be handling simple tasks as an assistant, it will help you take a close look at how nurses work. 

What Age Should You Retire as a Nurse in the UK?

The retirement age in the UK will vary depending on certain factors including when you start working and where you work. If you work in the public sector, you can retire at the age of 65. However, you can claim your deferred benefits much earlier (from age 55). It is important to remember that the age at which you claim your deferred benefits can have an effect on your pension. 

The rules surrounding pension, retirement, and deferred benefits can seem complex. However, if you reach out to ESGO, our experts can break down things for you to help you make the right decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are a nurse working in the UK and looking for jobs or considering retirement. 

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