The Highest Paying Nursing Agency

The Highest Paying Nursing Agency In The UK

The staff shortage in the UK healthcare sector is far more than just alarming. With strikes, and insufficient nurses and caregivers available to take care of patients at healthcare organisations, the ultimate solution, is a nursing agency. However, not all nursing agencies have the best professionals or professional training courses that can ensure the best care of patients in any organisation. Therefore, in order to fill gaps and hire new nursing staff, employers must rely only on the top nursing agencies. As a healthcare assistant, nurse, or caregiver, you must also be associated only with the highest-paying nursing agency in the UK. 

Why Choose A High-Paying Nursing Agency?

Even before the pandemic, things weren’t great for nurses. Low wages, lack of good opportunities for nurses, and long work hours caused hundreds and thousands of nurses to change their profession for better-paying jobs. The post-pandemic uncertainty made things even worse. 

Why Choose A High-Paying Nursing Agency?

Finding a high-paying nursing agency isn’t just the best policy due to decent pay but it also has many other benefits for nurses. If you have been searching for the highest-paying nursing agency near me in your browser, this article is going to help you a lot. We’ll share a list of the best agencies in the UK but before moving on to that, let’s first tell you what makes the best nursing agency and what advantages you can gain from it.

 1.Highest Pay

Yes, we know that this sounds too obvious, but that’s because it is. 

As a nurse or caregiver, you spend a lot of time training for your role. Moreover, you also understand how challenging your job can be, but you still go against all odds and fulfill your duties with care and compassion. Facing vulnerable situations, dealing with stress, grief, and difficulties during your job can really take a toll on your mind. This is why when a nurse goes on a job and perform their duties with absolute transparency, worrying about low pay should be the last thing on their mind. 

Best nursing agencies understand this issue. This is why they only place their nurses on high-paying jobs with shift options that sit well with their schedules. These agencies also know that when nurses are paid well, they stay happy and fulfill their role better. They may have some qualification criteria for nurses but that’s a good thing for nurses as well. When they get adequate training, they land more high-paying jobs. 

 2.Payment Security 

Best nursing agencies ensure that payments are timely and made as per commitment. Sometimes, these agencies even provide payment options weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Furthermore, they only use secure payment methods. Bank transfers are mostly recommended, especially for travel nursing agencies in the UK. Paychecks are also a common way of payment in the UK healthcare sector. 

In any case, top nursing agencies make sure that payments are always made on time and are done through a secure and committed payment method. 

 3.Advance Shift Scheduling 

In any profession, work-life balance is the most crucial component. No matter what their industry is, workers start to hate their jobs when they feel overconsumed by their jobs. Since nursing is particularly demanding, both physically and mentally, the best agencies allow nurses to schedule their shifts according to their own preferences and ease. 

When nurses are given the liberty to choose their hours, they reach their jobs on time, arrive better prepared, and perform their tasks with more composure and perfection. 

ESGO’s revolutionary platform also allows nurses, HCAs, and caregivers to choose their shifts. They can not only pick the time slots but can also see per-hour rates and decide which one they want to pick. By connecting nurses with employers, ESGO is making job hunting convenient, safe, and easy. Signing up on our platform is quite simple. Just go to our care professionals page or contact us and we’ll direct you to our page instantly. 

 4.Free Transportation

The top nursing agencies in the UK have their own transportation for nurses. In some cases, they also ask the organisations to send their own transportation to pick up and drop off the nurses. If they can’t provide transportation or a nurse chooses to use their own conveyance, they are given extra pay for fuel. 

For nurses, this is a huge benefit as travel expenses can be a lot for them to take out of their pocket. 

 5.Training Courses & Uniform 

Reaching the top spot as nursing agencies in the UK means the agencies have to maintain their standards. To ensure that, such agencies provide free training courses to keep their nurses up to date. Apart from that, they also provide free uniforms or nursing kits to their nurses. This is again a huge benefit for the nurses as this doubles their chances of getting hired again and again. With new training sessions, they become better at their jobs and eventually make a name for themselves. 

As part of the training, they also receive awards and accolades. This aspect motivates them to do more, perform better, and take better care of their patients. 

 6.Support & Assistance 

Jobs can be tough but they get tougher when you don’t know where to turn to for support and help. Nursing agencies realise that nurses can often feel overwhelmed and would need support to tackle ongoing issues. 

Most agencies have separate departments dedicated to providing support to their staff. This enables nurses to avoid inconvenience at work and also stay away from all unnecessary troubles. They can also share their complaints and other issues with the support department and they resolve them following standard procedure.

Top Nursing Agencies In The UK

Now that you have all the boxes to tick before landing on that one nursing agency, let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 international nursing agencies in the UK. 

Top Nursing Agencies In The UK

  1. Cromwell Medical Staffing

    Cromwell Medical Staffing is a renowned nursing agency that offers staffing solutions for both private and public sectors. For those looking for a nursing agency in London, Cromwell Medical Staffing is a great option. 

  2. MMA Healthcare Recruitment

    This international recruitment agency is worldwide famous for its vast range of job opportunities in the healthcare sector. MMA Healthcare Recruitment has helped thousands of nurses find their dream jobs. 

  3. Daytime Healthcare

    Daytime Healthcare is a nursing agency dedicated to providing solutions for daytime shifts. They also provide permanent staff to hospitals and healthcare organisations in the UK. 

  4. Telzom-Professional Healthcare and Nursing Recruitment Agency

    The specialists in the recruitment of healthcare assistants, support workers, and registered nurses, Telzom is an agency that helps healthcare organisations with permanent and temporary staffing solutions in the UK. 

  5. YourWorldHealthCare

    YourWorldHealthCare is one of UK’s largest healthcare job platform. They are also the largest suppliers of healthcare professionals, registered nurses and caregivers. 

  6. Pearls International Recruitment Agency

    Pearls International is a recruitment agency that operates globally. They have helped nurses and other healthcare professionals in finding jobs all over the world. So, if you’re not stuck on the nursing agencies near me kind of thing, this is one agency that can help you find the right opportunity. 

  7. HW Healthcare Limited

    HW Healthcare Limited is a nationwide agency in the UK. Apart from being popular for their innovative solutions in nursing, they are also known for their specialised in-house trainings. If you are someone who wants to expand their knowledge in the field of nursing, you should definitely check them out. 

  8. Ambition 24 Hours

    With a 24/7 communication policy, Ambition 24 Hours is a one of its kind platform where job opportunities are almost endless. They can put registered nurses and care professionals in temporary jobs quite quickly. There are also many other benefits you can get by getting in touch with them. 

  9. Tezlom

    Empathy and care at its core, Tezlom is an agency that provides all the assistance and tools to secure a good job as a nurse or healthcare professional.

  10. Take Five Healthcare

    Take Five Healthcare is a recruitment agency that specialises in providing training courses, staffing solutions and other types of professional support for the care staff.


The agencies on the list have proven their value in easy healthcare recruitment and fulfilling staffing needs. From doctors and midwives to Registered nurses and healthcare professionals, these agencies provide all sorts of staffing services. Here’s how you can get started in the UK healthcare industry.

ESGO has made its name in the healthcare recruitment industry as the pioneer of on-the-go staffing solutions. It is a one-of-a-kind platform where professionals meet employers without intermediaries and choose their jobs after checking the per-hour rate, the location, and the shift. To learn more about our platform, you can also download the ESGO app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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At ESGO, we understand the unique challenges faced by care homes in sourcing qualified and compassionate healthcare staff. Partner with us to access a curated pool of top-tier nurses and carers ready to make a difference in your facility.

At ESGO, we’re committed to connecting outstanding healthcare professionals with top-tier care homes and facilities across the UK. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career with flexible, rewarding opportunities, apply today and join our vibrant community of care professionals.

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