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The Pulse of Healthcare Recruitment: Trends and Innovations

Finding new talent and retaining current employees has become the biggest challenge for the healthcare industry. However, amid all this, healthcare recruitment agencies have taken the lead. The reason behind the success of recruitment agencies in recent years is their will to adopt modern trends in recruitment. Understanding modern trends and innovations can also help hospitals and care homes with recruitment policies. 

Here are some of the latest trends and innovations that have revolutionized healthcare recruitment in recent years:

Let’s Explore Trends and Innovation In Healthcare Recruitment

Recruiters have always used newspapers for posting job advertisements. However, offline methods alone cannot help you reach your target audience in today’s digital era. You must check out new trends and innovations by going through social media and the online world. Therefore, incorporating online methods in your healthcare recruitment policy is the only way forward. 

There are several online channels recruitment agencies use for finding qualified professionals including:

Networking Sites

Networking websites like LinkedIn have made it easier for recruiters to connect with professionals from all over the world. In the UK, most hospitals and clinics are looking to diversify their team. With the help of networking sites, recruiters can find professionals from all walks of life. Websites like LinkedIn also allow you to see the educational background and work history of a person, helping you with narrowing down your search for the right candidates. 

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms were built to help people connect easily regardless of the distance between them. However, social media platforms can also be used to find qualified professionals. Each social media platform including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has its own communities of healthcare professionals. Joining these communities is a good way for recruiters to spot new talent. 

Temporary Staffing & Rehiring

To overcome the shortage of skilled professionals, healthcare institutions in the UK have turned to temporary staffing solutions. Temporary staffing allows healthcare institutions to cut down on costs while also keeping up with the high demand for care workers. However, hiring temporary staff doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of work. 

If you are looking for temporary staff, you can reach out to ESGO Healthcare Solutions to find qualified and experienced professionals. ESGO also gives its clients the option to rehire their favourite staff again and again through its user-friendly app. Rehiring qualified staff is very important as it helps hospitals maintain the quality of care offered to the patients. 

Maintaining a Talent Pool

Due to the shortage of healthcare professionals, hospitals and recruitment agencies have realised the importance of building and maintaining a talent pool. The process of building a talent pool begins with identifying skilled individuals who are not fit for the current role but can be a useful member of a healthcare team. 

Hospitals and recruitment agencies can add top applicants to a talent pool. However, it is also important to stay in touch with these candidates and inform them of opportunities that would be a better fit for their skills. 

Maintaining a talent pool will not only help with staff shortages but also improve brand image. After all, a successful recruitment agency or a healthcare institution wouldn’t ignore talented candidates. Every agency or hospital that wishes to plan for the long term will have to invest in maintaining a talent pool. 

Digital Skills

With the advancements in technology, the healthcare industry has also undergone massive changes. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, telehealth, and electronic health records (EHRs) has improved the quality of care for patients. However, due to this change in the healthcare landscape, there’s also a need for professionals with digital skills. 

Every recruitment agency in the UK places special importance on the digital skill set of a candidate. If a candidate is otherwise qualified but has zero digital skills, they will not be a good fit for the modern healthcare industry. As the healthcare industry becomes more and more advanced, candidates will also have to adapt to fit in. 

Regular Training

Due to the rise of AI and telemedicine, recruitment agencies have realised that healthcare professionals need regular training now more than ever. One of the latest trends in healthcare recruitment is the regular training sessions that are conducted by agencies for their candidates. Healthcare professionals can benefit from these training sessions even after getting hired by hospitals or care homes. 

The purpose of these training sessions is to polish the skills of care professionals and familiarize them with the latest trends in the healthcare industry. 

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