7 of Healthcare’s Best Recruiting Practices

In a healthcare industry dealing with a staffing shortage crisis, everyone is in a race to recruit the best professionals. If you don’t have the right recruitment strategies, you will lose qualified healthcare staff to other medical facilities. However, one thing that hospital admins and healthcare recruiters forget is that strategies must be updated with time to attract qualified and skilled professionals. If you want to gain an advantage over your competitors, following the best recruiting practices is crucial. Here are the seven best practices that can help you with healthcare recruiting: 

1. Competitive Pay & Benefits – One of the Best Recruiting Practices: 

With a high cost of living and inflation at an all-time high, professionals look for jobs that pay a competitive salary. To recruit the best professionals, you must revise your pay scale before starting the recruitment process. It is also important to evaluate company benefits to attract the professionals of your choice. 

Once you update your company policies, you can add new benefits to job advertisements to reach your target audience. Keep in mind that benefits and compensation packages are often the deciding factors for candidates. Some of the benefits you should be offering are flexible working hours, financial bonuses, and training opportunities. 

2. Focus on Soft Skills: 

A formal education and certificates are a must for healthcare professionals and they are often the first things a recruiter notices. However, in order to deal with patients effectively, healthcare professionals must possess certain soft skills as well. Some of the soft skills to look for in candidates are communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, and patience. 

When you focus on soft skills, you will be able to find candidates with a person-centric approach to work. Such candidates will help patients feel comfortable in every situation by putting them first. This recruiting practice will also help you recruit candidates who can work efficiently with a team. 

3. Improve Your Branding: 

In today’s digital world, if you don’t have a good image online, you won’t be able to attract qualified candidates. When you advertise jobs, candidates will look you up online to make sure yours is a reliable and trustworthy brand. So, in order to attract the candidates you want, you will have to work on your branding. 

How to Make One of the Best Recruiting Practices Successful? 

It is important to remember that you should also work on your workplace environment in order to succeed at branding. You can only get your current employees to vouch for you if they are happy in their jobs. With testimonials from your employees and an engaging online presence, you can win over your target audience. 

4. Promote Diversity & Inclusion: 

A diverse and inclusive workforce is the need of the hour for multiple reasons. Diverse healthcare professionals offer insider information and enable you to target different patient markets. Promoting diversity during recruitment and hiring also boosts morale in the workplace and creates a positive environment in your medical facility. 

Making inclusion a part of your recruitment strategy will help promote staff retention and increase referral hires. You will also have to spend less on recruitment strategies in the future by committing to inclusivity. 

5. Create a Talent Pool: 

During the recruitment process, you will come across qualified candidates who are not the right fit for the team at that time. Make sure to create a talent pool of all the qualified candidates so you can reach out to a professional whenever you need their services. 

Maintaining your Talent Pool:

In order to maintain the talent pool, you should stay in touch with the candidates. Thanks to the internet, staying in touch with your talent pool is very easy. You can send out emails to these candidates on special occasions to wish them well and to let them know you would love to work with them in the future. 

6. Use Multiple Platforms: 

When you are designing your recruitment campaign, make sure to create multiple ads so you can cover every popular platform. Your target audience may not be on job boards, or even on LinkedIn. So, make sure to advertise your openings on different platforms to reach out to your target audience. 

7. Get Help from the Experts: 

If you want to simplify the recruitment process for your institution and save your time and money, then it is best to connect with a staffing platform like ESGO. We can help you find the best professionals in the healthcare industry through our platform. You also won’t have to worry about background checks because we handle everything in advance. So, if your medical facility is in need of new professionals, reach out to ESGO today

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