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7 Challenges Nurses Face in the Workplace

Nursing can be an enriching career but it comes with its fair share of challenges. The challenges nurses face in the workplace can not only interfere with their quality of work but also affect their health negatively. If you are a new nurse entering the field or an old one tired of the tough working conditions, it is important to understand the challenges and figure out their solutions. It is the best way to deliver the best care to your patients and protect your health at the same time. 

Here are seven of the most common challenges nurses face in the workplace:

1. Understaffing

The biggest challenge nurses face today is understaffing. Many healthcare institutions of today are understaffed which ends up putting extra burden on nurses. Understaffing not only reduces the quality of care for the patients but also leads to fatigue and burnout among nurses. 

When nurses have to handle a high volume of patients, it also increases the risk of medical errors. If a nurse makes a mistake when compiling medical records, doctors will also make errors when suggesting treatment plans for the patients. 

2. Long Shifts

Nurses, like other healthcare professionals, have to work long shifts. These shifts usually last between 8 to 12 hours. Sometimes, the shift can last even longer due to the time-consuming tasks that are assigned to nurses. The long hours can lead to exhaustion and cause various health issues for nurses. 

Changing Schedules

Along with long shifts, nurses also have to deal with ever-changing schedules. If one week you are working the day shift, you can be moved to the night shift the next week. Due to the changing schedules, nurses find it hard to stick to their sleeping patterns. Sleep deprivation, coupled with exhaustion can be very dangerous for nurses. 

3. Physical Demands

The tasks nurses are assigned often involve helping lift and position patients as well as moving heavy objects. Nurses and carers also have to stand for long periods which could lead to injury. Understaffing can particularly make things worse by making nurses handle more physically demanding tasks every day. 

If medical facilities don’t take proper steps to protect their staff, the physically demanding tasks can have long-lasting effects on the health of nurses. 

4. Stress

Since nurses work in a high-stress environment, they end up developing mental health issues. However, due to the stigma related to mental health, it is not easy for nurses to seek professional help. 

Tough working conditions and compassion fatigue can cause anxiety and depression among nurses. However, these problems can be avoided if you work in a healthy environment. ESGO can help you find hospitals and care homes that value their workers and make sure that none of them are overburdened. If you are a nurse looking for a job, reach out to ESGO today to find workplaces that won’t put strain on your physical and mental health. 

5. Exposure to Diseases

One of the Most Dangerous Challenges Nurses Face in Hospitals

One of the biggest and most harmful challenges nurses face in hospitals is exposure to diseases and chemicals. Nurses are exposed to more pathogens than an average person since they care for sick individuals. They also have to handle extremely dangerous chemicals for cleaning. As a result, nurses are always at an increased risk of contracting diseases. 

It is important to adhere to safety protocols when handling dangerous chemicals. It will help you protect yourself and the people you work with. 

6. Changing Technology

Medical facilities are constantly changing to adapt to the technological advancements in healthcare. However, this also requires nurses to learn new technologies. Since nurses already work a demanding job, learning new things can be quite difficult. Although this issue can be avoided if healthcare institutions arrange training sessions for their staff, most hospitals refuse to invest in such programs. 

7. Lack of Support

Nurses work in an environment where they are undervalued and underappreciated. They are also underpaid and overworked, leading to low levels of job satisfaction. Due to the lack of support in the workplace from seniors and supervisors, nurses also often feel frustrated and disillusioned about their career choices. 

Although nurses face various challenges in the workplace, they can avoid them by choosing to work with the right medical facility. Get in touch with ESGO and find a satisfactory job today!

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